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over immigration. republican senator chuck grassley says congress needs to take a step back in the debate to secure that the nation's security comes first. his comments were echoed by senator dan coats on sunday. >> how can individuals evade authority and plan such attacks on our soil? how can we beef your security checks on people who wish to enter the united states? how do we ensure that people who wish to do us harm are not eligible for benefits under the immigration laws including this new bill before us? >> you usually end up with bad policy if you do it in an emotional ray or an emotional reaction. we saw some things post 9/11 that had we more irrational time to think this through, perhaps maybe we wouldn't have had some of the pushback on it. >> i watched this for several reasons. >> why? >> because i'm a big dennis rodman fan. people go crazy. richard is going up -- not only a senator but he was also an ambassador. he was so red-faced! >> he was purple! >> he was angry. >> he turned a brighter shade of purple than i've ever seen. >> raging. >> no, sir, you were out o
. >> clayton: do the boston bombing suspect expose flaw of the immigration system? chuck grassley brought this up on capitol hill. >> we don't know the immigration status of people who terrorized communities in massachusetts, when we find out, it will help shed light on the weaknesses of our system. >> clayton: that raises a largeer question. could it reshape the immigration reform? ask texas congressman louie goehmert joining us from philadelphia. nice to see you. >> thank you. great to be with you. >> clayton: let's dive deeply in the question. we look at the individuals who are here on green card or working visa. does this throw any immigration reform in to flux and raise new questions? >> well, i hate to point out again as senator grass grass did, because he is taking a lot of abuse for it, i understand for those who want to ram through immigration bill so people wouldn't know v a chance to know what is in it, this is inconvenient thing. the fact is, with the system the way it is. even with another country reporting that there is a potential problem here we didn't have the resource or
sure it is deficit neutral. that is one of our bottom lines. thank you, everybody. >> senator chuck grassley is the ranking member. this is an hour and 40 minutes. >> the committee can come to order. for the delay. is a deal going on in massachusetts. i hope everybody can understand why the secretary of wonton amo will not be here. -- secretary will not be here. we will reschedule her testimony. she was saying how proud we are of the way that law enforcement .as responded i am distressed to hear an officer being killed. i see at least one person who runs marathons in the audience. my daughter and youngest son do. most marathons are a joyous occasion. the bipartisan proposal, we have established a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country. it addresses the lengthy backlog in our immigration system. agricultural workers are in essential part of our communities and work so hard to provide our nations food supplies. it addresses the needs of our .aw enforcement community it improves the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. i appreciate the fact
of eight's proposal. chuck grassley of iowa is the ranking republican, from earlier today. >> good morning, everybody, and i know we're in ar tight schedule. the secretary has to testify in front of appropriations later today, but i do want to commend you, madam secretary, and the men and women of the department of homeland security who worked so hard on the coordinated national security effort in boston. middle of the night, early morning, middle of the night briefings on what has happened and the way your department, local and state police, the f.b.i. worked together as a model -- i think a model for the rest of the world, especially how quickly everybody's able to move. the patriot day successful, the successful capturing of the other suspect is of course why you weren't here that day when we talked. i well understood what your and you ooked like were at the command post. now, a number of other concerns were not part of the bipartisan legislative effort for comprehensive immigration reform. we demanded that you testify before the committee. you had been here in february, testified exte
Search Results 64 to 67 of about 69

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